Sunday, March 22, 2015

Interesting Factors That Affect Gender-Driven Sales Performances

"Are women or men better at sales jobs?"

This is an interesting question that is sure to be hotly debated until the end of time. There are many variables that go into answering this question that have an impact as to which gender makes the better sales person.

Both sexes have their strengths and weaknesses and if you were to look at a traditional perception of a woman's role it would no doubt involve being barefoot and pregnant at home; while the men were responsible for bring home the bacon. Times have certainly changed and women are also at the forefront of certain careers, including sales. But does make them really better than men at selling?

The answer would depend on what the both genders are selling. If both are car sales people, then a woman may find it a bit more challenging to sell to a man, especially if it is the truck market. Men have a bias view that women know nothing about cars, therefore how can a woman seriously be good at it. And some women feel the same way and would prefer a male sales person over a woman.

On the other hand, women are the lead sellers in the insurance and real estate market because of a special quality that many of them have, which is the ability to be nurturing and this talent for softening one's approach when dealing with clients helps to close the deal. Men are normally considered hard sellers as well as women but a woman's intuition gives them that edge that men typically do not have.

Another factor in this debate of who are better sales people needs to also consider the fact that women are more willing to go back to school to educate themselves. Having academic qualifications is a key tool when it comes to making sales. Instead of having to put out the energy and effort of a door-to-door sales man, a person's education will avail them to workable strategies that allow them to multiply their efforts very easily. Networking in sales is one way of doing it. Men also educate themselves but they seem to rely more on experience and men usually have a well-defined buddy system that gets them connected to all the right people.

Women have an Achilles heel in that some of them have a feeling of entitlement and expect by right, a certain quota level in sales without fail. And when this quota falls way below expectations, their disappointment is enough to make them fold up and go home.

Recruitment agencies see a larger number of women than men looking for jobs suggesting their willingness to work. And when it comes to jobs such as customer service representatives or product promoters, women are the preferred gender.

In the end, while women make formidable sales people, society seems to lean towards men when it comes to looking for answers and because of this perceived dependency, men maybe considered as better sales people.

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